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Environmental Commitment

We believe from the bible that God wants us to be responsible stewards of His creation, so, we have a number of projects in hand, and some more coming along.

We also believe in the ethical treatment of others, even those invisible to us who grow or manufacture the things we use. Every person is unique and precious, made in the image of God and paid for in the blood of Jesus Christ. As such they are deserving of our care, respect, and a fair return on their labour. 

And at the end of the cycle, we are constantly looking to recycle any waste from the activities and projects we take on.

Our Environmental Work

‘Green Churchyard’

In partnership with the diocesan ‘green churchyard project’, A’Rocha, the Christian environment agency, and the Hatherleigh environmental forum.

This project began in 2019.  After community consultation it was agreed to leave about 50% of the churchyard for wildflower areas. These in turn provide sustenance for bees, butterflies, reptiles and mammals. 

At the end of 2021 we had logged around 70 species of wild flower along with slow worms, hedgehogs, and a wide range of birds and butterflies.

Environmental Surveys

Under the instigation of the Hatherleigh Environmental Forum, the churchyard has also provided the base for bird, flower, bat, moth and fungi surveys.  Our thanks go to the forum members for undertaking this work.

Swift Boxes

Under the direction of RSPB South West, we have sited swift nest boxes behind the louvres on the West side of the tower. These birds have been in decline in recent times so we have joined in with this national churches initiative.