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Share your skill and serve

As in any family, when new members come along, the things we do change according to the shape of the family. So it is with a church, so no list like this will ever be fixed or final.

That said, there is always a lot happening here, and we love to include new people in what’s going on.

How you can help ...


The heart of the Gospel is God’s welcome of us. We want to echo that in all we do. From offering a welcome at the door, serving drinks after church, running our Tuesday coffee mornings, to cleaning the church building; all these things speak of God’s care for each person.

If you would like to help, please contact:

Worship: Musicians

We would love to see our group of worship leading musicians grow; if you play an instrument and are willing to try, contact Leigh.


You may feel you have heard a call to lead, teach or preach in the church. There are several avenues of training available with different outcomes. To find out more, speak to Leigh.


With three large buildings, a two acre churchyard and a vigorous environmental policy, there is always plenty to do. Working parties are an enjoyable way to see a large amount achieved quickly and make new friends along the way. Watch the calendar and our Facebook page for upcoming events or speak to our church wardens.