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Services at St Johns

At St. John the Baptist we try to offer a wide range of worship to accommodate those of different traditions and backgrounds, while hoping that everyone will still turn up even when it’s not their favourite Sunday, just because we’re family.

A typical month at St. Johns is set out below, but there are often seasonal variations so do check the calendar if you’re looking for something in particular.

Regular Services at St John's

Holy Communion at St John's Church Hatherleigh
1st Sundays; Holy Communion. (11am)

You can expect traditional hymns with organ accompaniment, bible readings, a sermon, prayers said for the wider world and the sharing of bread and wine in Holy Communion. The liturgy [words said] is in modern English taken from ‘common worship’.

Informal Service at St John's Church Hatherleigh
2nd Sundays; Informal Service. (11am)

You can expect contemporary worship songs led by a team of musicians, bible readings and a slightly deeper message from the vicar, along with prayers and a ‘lighter’ liturgy.

Family Service at St John's Church Hatherleigh
3rd Sundays; Family Service. (11am)

Although children are welcome at all services and a table of crafts and treats are always set out, in this one we try to make an extra point of making the message clear to all ages while still including enough depth for the mature believer. 

You can expect contemporary music from the band, craft, games and goodies for the children and maybe a gimmick or two and a short children’s talk.

There may occasionally be a Baptism in this service.

Prayer and Praise Service at St John's Church Hatherleigh
3rd Sundays; Praise and Prayer (7pm)

An opportunity to spend longer in sung worship, introducing newer songs led by the worship team of musicians. This will be a much less formal gathering with contributions of prayer or input coming from the congregation as well as the ‘front’.

As we also believe in the work of the Holy Spirit it is possible that you may see and hear the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as described in the bible, in use.

Team Service at St John's Church Hatherleigh
4th Sundays; Team service. (11am)

Our team of ‘Lay worship Leaders’ take responsibility this week while the vicar is away at other churches. It is an opportunity for something a little different and anything could happen!

Musical styles vary and there may be a more creative reading of the bible. 

We may have visiting speakers on this Sunday to share about God’s work in the wider world.

Evensong Service St John's Church Hatherleigh
4th Sunday Evenings; Sung Evensong. (6 pm)

This is our fully traditional Prayer book ‘Sung Evensong’. You can expect to sing hymns and sung responses led by our choir and organ with the psalm and anthem sung by our excellent choir. The liturgy [spoken words] is traditional language from the book of common prayer.