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Going Deeper

We see our Sunday services as being a bit like a ‘shop window’ for who we are. Behind any shop window is a shop where business is done, also store rooms and a supply chain. 

If you like what you see on a Sunday, you may want to go deeper and find out more of what ‘being church’ is all about.

Bible Study & Prayer Groups

Home Bible Study Group with Reverend Leigh Winsbury
Bible Study - Home Groups.

In these we study the bible together, maybe picking up themes from the previous Sunday. We may sing a bit, pray for one another and definitely will grow in friendship and fellowship. 

They may be led by the vicar or other members of the leadership team in different homes and will each have a slightly different ‘flavour’.

5 Parish Prayer Group.

An opportunity for people from across the team of five churches to come together to pray, both for the needs we are aware of, and to seek God for His help and guidance in what we do.

Tuesday Prayer Meeting.

An opportunity for members of all of Hatherleigh’s three churches to meet together to pray for the needs of the town.